Photo Gallery Performances

Looking back through the years at some of the folks Mark's played with and places he's been. Warning: Mullet alert!

[img src=]3970Bos Brannum Band
Bos Brannum Band, Parapow Palace Saloon, Sacremento1972
[img src=]3620Mark Nelson wins National Mountain Dulcimer Championships, Walnut Valley Festival, Winfied, Kansas 1979
Photo of Mark Nelson, 1979 Nation Mountain Dulcimer Champion, Walnut Valley Festival, Winfied, Kansas.
[img src=]2970Mark & Ted
Photo of Mark Nelson with fiddler Ted Ehrhard, performing at Capitol Reef National Park, 1976
[img src=]2960The Wasatch Rascals old time string band, Salt Lake City. Mid 70s
Photo of the Wasatch Rascals old time string band, Salt Lake City. Mid 70s
[img src=]2920Mark Nelson playing the Swedish hummel, Salt Lake City 1975
Photo of Mark Nelson playing the Swedish hummel, Salt Lake City 1975
[img src=]2740Albert the Gorilla, Dublin
Photo of Mark Nelson as Albert the banjo-playing gorilla, Project Arts Center, Dublin 1975
[img src=]2730New Moon Band
Photo of the New Moon Band, Salt Lake City. 1976
[img src=]2790The Low Rent Rounders, Jacksonville OR 1980
Photo of he Low Rent Rounders on stage at the Britt Festival, Jacksonville OR 1980. Left to right: fiddler Michael Bardossi, mandolinist Tim Crosby, and guitarist Mark Nelson.
[img src=]3050Micheal Bardossi, Mark Nelson & Brian Freeman around 1980.
Photo of Micheal Bardossi (fiddle), Mark Nelson (Appalachian dulcimer) & Brian Freeman (guitar) around 1980
[img src=]2980Beggar's Rose, Celtic band
Photo of the Beggar's Rose Celtic Band, circa 1981. Left to right: Micheal Bardossi, Mark Nelson, Brian Freeman, Bob Heyerman
[img src=]2560Cereal box guitar
Photo of Mark Nelson playing a cereal box guitar, sometime in the 80s.
[img src=]2630Joe, Mark & Julie: "Hillbilly Bop"
Photo of Joe, Mark & Julie doing the Hillbilly Bop at the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, circa 1983
[img src=]2520The Extraordinary Clown Band
Photo of the Extraordinary Clown Band, Vancouver BC 1983
[img src=]2530Conny Jo and the Rhythm Chimps
Conny Jo and the Rhythm Chimps, mid 80s.
[img src=]2790Knee deep in the Aitutaki Lagoon
Photo of Mark Nelson playing guitar while standing knee deep in the Aitutaki Lagoon, Cook Islands.
[img src=]2760Galician Band, Ashland
Photo of Kevin Carr's wonderful Galician bagpipe & brass band 2007