“The Uke Buke” Learn to Play Slack Key Style Ukulele”


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It is no secret that the Hawaiians fell in love with the ‘ukulele the first time they heard it. Within just a few short years after three Portuguese immigrants brought the modest little instrument on that long sea voyage, Hawaiian musicians took the world by storm.

No trade exposition, Vaudeville review or whistle stop concert tour was complete without a bevy of exotic hula maidens swaying to the tropical sounds of the steel guitar and ‘ukulele.

Why, Hawaiian music without an ‘ukulele is almost unthinkable!

Here is a collection of classic Hawaiian melodies arranged for solo ‘ukulele “slack key” style. What’s that? Slack Key–K? Ho‘alu–is a melodic, finger picked guitar style created by Hawaiian paniolo in the mid-19th Century. They call it “Hawaiian soul music.”

It is only natural that some ‘ukulele players in Hawai‘i would re-tune their instruments and play slack key style. Nothing sounds so sweet.

So grab you ‘ukulele and put some aloha in your playing!

• Tablature and standard notation
• Notes on the tunings, reading music and reading TAB
• Guided lessons help you develop your style
• Graded arrangements from easy to advanced
• Playable on any ‘ukulele with a Low G string
• Learn to play these classic songs:

Ahe Lau Makani
Iesu Me Ke Kanaka Waiwai
Mauna Loa
Aloha ‘Oe
Ahe Lau Makani
Ukulele Slack Key #1
He Aloha No‘o Honolulu
Moana Chimes
Kimo’s Slack Key
Hula Blues
Makee Ailana

Audio files are available for download here.