Beautiful Maple & Walnut Guitar-Shaped Hurdy Gurdy For Sale – See EBay Auction beginning December 29!

This visually stunning reproduction of an 18th Century French hurdy gurdy – vielle a roue – was built in 1974 by noted early-music luthier William Molan of Suffolk, England. I acquired it from the original owner, at the time the instrument was in sad shape and had not been played in many, many years. It is now restored it to playable condition: I replaced the broken keys, replaced an unworkable knob on the crank, trued and chamfered the wheel, and several other minor repairs.

It is set up with two melody strings, and bass, alto and treble drones. I’ve re-strung it for the common Baroque tuning of G-C; it plays easily and has a lovely voice.

Please contact me directly if you are interested.

Here is what the original owner had to say:

“Vintage Hurdy Gurdy hand crafted with a variety of handpicked exotic woods by William Molan of Laxfield, in the county of Suffolk in his traditional luthier shop. The maker also hand carved with great detail the beautiful lady figurehead on the head of the hurdy gurdy. His stickers, including name, address and date crafted, are visible inside of the instrument.

The hurdy gurdy is in remarkably beautiful shape for its vintage age of 41 years. It has a rich resonant tone. It has barely been played and has been kept in a smoke free climate controlled environment over the years. It’s very clean and in great vintage condition except some very shallow surface lines, one central, and one by each sound hole, which aren’t deep and don’t interfere with playing

Luthier: William Molan woodworker and musician. He made lutes, hurdy-gurdies, guitars, psalteries, dulcimers, hammer dulcimers, citterns, harpsichords, and clavichords. He played concertina, accordion, and was a vocalist in the Shirley Collins band in England.

Conversion Rate at Time of Assessment:
Conversion Rate: 1 English Sterling Pound = $1.52 USD
Hurdy Gurdy L1950 Sterling Pounds = $2960 USD

A photo of a Baroque Hurdy Gurdy for Sale