Black Mountain Electric Dulcimer

Here is a unique vintage solid body electric dulcimer built for me by California’s Black Mountain Musical Instruments in the early 90’s. It is one of two artist models they made; the other was created for Jimmy Page!

NOTE: This item has sold but I’m leaving the page up cuz it is so cool. Thanks for looking.

I’m afraid I cannot recall the exact year I ordered this, but I know that the color is unique and the wonderful asymmetric body style was only available for a very short time. I’ve used it on all kinds of recordings and played it with the legendary Tex Pistols, who dubbed it “The Pink Thing” for obvious reasons. It plays equally well overhand while standing a la Force & D’Ossche or seated using standard dulcimer technique.

  • Solid hardwood (maple?) body with rosewood fingerboard
  • Six on a side tuners
  • Six strings in three courses. The bass course tuned in octaves, others in unison
  • Custom Bartolini humbucker pickup
  • Single volume control
  • Gen-U-Wine Faux Snakeskin thin line hard case

Take a close look at the photos — there are a few minor dings and blemishes — click on any photo to see an enlargement. But the puppy works great, and will certainly amaze and amuse your friends. Be sure to check out the videos, including a decidedly non-traditional take on an ancient French song.

faux snakeskin case side pickup_close
headstock_rear headstock_front



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