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Learn Slack Key Guitar On-Line! One Week Free!!!

Thanks to, you can now take video lessons with Mark online. Start with the basics of Taropatch tuning and quickly move up to some fairly complicated slack key songs. Later lessons explore new songs and techniques in Double Slack, Drop C tunings, F wahine and Bb tunings. With over 60 lessons now online, you can master Hawaiian slack key guitar! Follow this link for a sample lesson of the classic Hawaiian cowboy song “Ulupalakua.” 

You can take a free week of lessons with no obligation. Click on the image below & enter your top secret password: 8C9B613893. If you like what you see, sign up for only $19.95 per month. Get started learning slack key today!

FREE TAB From “Getting Started Playing Slack Key” Video Lessons
Taropatch Tuning: D-G-D-G-B-D lo to hi
Drop C Tuning: C-G-D-G-B-D lo to hi
Double Slack or G Wahine Tuning: D-G-D-F#-B-D lo to hi
(Click on the title to download the PDF)

Hawaiian Vamp #1 An simple slack key vamp in Taropatch tuning


Bradda John Basic fingerpicking lesson to help develop finger independence. Taropatch Tuning


Kahuli Aku A lovely song about singing tree snails. Taropatch


Salomila An easier arrangement than the one in the Beginning Slack Collection. The first section uses single notes, the second introduces double stops.


Kealoha A classic! Taropatch Tuning.


Hawaiian Turnarounds #1 Taropatch Tuning


Hawaiian Turnarounds #2 Taropatch Tuning


Taropatch Blues An easier arrangement of Mark’s original tune than the one in “Old Time Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar. Taropatch Tuning


Hi‘ilawe A short arrangement of the classic slack key song. Drop C tuning


Punahele Easy Style A basic arrangement of Uncle Ray Kane’s classic. Double Slack Tuning


Punahele Variations Just a few of the ways to approach this song. Double Slack


Nanea Kou Maka i ka Le’ale’a A modular approach allowing you to create your own arrangement! Taropatch Tuning


Harmony 101 for Taropatch  Slack Key Guitar An in-depth look at practical harmony using Taropatch (open G) tuning.